Welcome to SILBER

Vukovar Silber d.o.o. is a leading manufacturer of rain boots and anatomic footwear for professional and private use in PVC, SBS and SEBS. Silber srl aim is to ensure the highest quality of its products, its shoes giving the expected comfort

The production process is characterized by efficiency and technological innovation. Over 30 years of experience of SILBER's team lead to continuous improvements in quality giving continuous attention to all technical aspects of the production process, including the choice of materials. Generally our products are resistant, durable and lightweight.

From the production quality comes the comfort, feature that distinguishes our products. In particular, our experience on professional products has led progressively to improve this fundamental aspect in our shoes as they are used in situations of physical and psychological stress in construction, industry, agriculture and handcrafts.

Technological innovation brings our plant to operate with machines and cutting edge technology, which allows to create products that more and more matching market demands, to face with globalization and to keep effectively on the market.

Our production is 90% exported, both within the EU and outside it, and in spite of the necessary relocation of the production facility, Silber keeps its guaranteed quality at competitive prices.

We are suppliers of hundreds of companies that oder from us  their exclusive models, sold in stores around the world. In Italy, in our historic home, we are keeping heart and brain of the company, the quality control, the control of the production, sales management, third parties design models orders management.

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